“Migrants” by Landa wo

Landa wo


Strong boys to work on the farm. 
The sad lot of migrants in the shadows.
The emaciated look of Mother Africa.
The uncertainties of the desert girls.
Far away Aquarius has lost its flag.
Multifaceted Africa lies down once again.
Storm and night mingle in my heart, 
The flowing blood no longer human blood.
In the distance, floodlit in the desert of Libya,
The slave market of my fellow Blacks.
At the heart of night men
An outrage to humanity. This brother who is not me.
Strong boys to work on the farm. 
In the murky apocalyptic night of the desert
The migrant hungers for virtue, dignity, justice.
In the meshes of emboldened and fierce smugglers
The solitary migrant dies
King of stone
Grain of sand in the auction sale. 

from Rattle #79, Spring 2023
Tribute to Irish Poets


Landa wo: “In 1999 I choose Ireland as my new home. An Afro French in search of opportunities I found a new place and at the same time I found poetry as a way to challenge the society. A new multiracial Irish society.” (web)

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