“Field Glasses” by Tony Burfield

Tony Burfield


The red-roofed cabin we can see from our windows across the valley. Sometimes there are mule deer in their yard. One time we saw a big mamma black bear and cub sniff the whole perimeter of the cabin. There’s a fence that the deer easily jump over. The bears, somehow, like big black putties, flattened out, incredibly, and shimmied underneath it. They emerged on the other side, did a little shake, and continued sniffing toward the road.

field glasses
i bring them down
and back up again

from Rattle #75, Spring 2022
Tribute to Librarians


Tony Burfield: “I’ve worked in libraries my entire adult life, currently at the Boulder Public Library in Colorado as the Acquisitions Coordinator. This work-life has had a great influence on my poetry. In fact, it was the librarian-poet Don Wentworth who introduced me to the importance of the short forms while I was working at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh many years ago. And, of course, now, I have a look at every poetry book that comes through the library here. It’s quite thrilling.” (web)

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