#63 – Spring 2019




Persona Poems

Conversation with
Kim Bridgford

Rattle #63 cover, woman with owl maskThe Spring 2019 issue features a tribute to Persona Poems. This theme was a reader suggestion, and we thought it was a great idea. Poems work like little empathy machines, and nowhere is that imaginative power more apparent than when the writer dons a mask and speaks from a different perspective. The tribute includes 18 poets writing in the voice of someone else. In the conversation section, editor Timothy Green talks to “America’s First Lady of Form,” poet Kim Bridgford. We also include the long title poem to her forthcoming book, Blue Whale Sonnets.

Another eclectic open section includes a haiku sequence for Graceland, Anders Carlson-Wee telling us where he’s at, the return of Rayon Lennon with a kind of sequel to his 2018 Rattle Poetry Prize winning “Heard,” and so much more.


Persona Poems

Audio Available Kim Bridgford Blue Whale Sonnets
Deborah H. Doolittle Lament of the Violin
Audio Available Alexis Rhone Fancher Tonight at Last Call, J. Calls Me …
Audio Available Joseph Fasano Caril Ann Fugate
Brock Guthrie Las Vegas
Stephen Harvey Petrarch Looks for Laura at Holiday World
Red Hawk The Indian Killer Explains Manifest Destiny
Maggie Rue Hess A Housekeeper’s Villanelle
Audio Available Lynne Knight Fugue: Red Bird Taking Wing
Audio Available Sue Fagalde Lick Mustering Out
Audio Available Amy Miller The Turkeys by the Road Consult with the Deer
Audio Available Jennifer Perrine Colossal
Alexander Radison My Mother Speaks to Me from the Dead
Jennifer Reeser Strong Feather Buries the White Woman
Audio Available Liz Robbins Bingo Caller
Audio Available Carrie Shipers In Preparation for a Visit from Our CEO
Jamey Temple Three Sijo
Larina Warnock Elroy Trains the Stock Boy


Audio Available Clayton Beach Graceland
Audio Available C. Wade Bentley Recalculating
Audio Available Jesse Bertron Arc
Audio Available Anders Carlson-Wee Where I’m At
Rachel Custer The Grand Dragon of the KKK Is Buried …
Audio Available Kim Dower Letter to My Son
Audio Available Frank Dullaghan How Quickly the World Can Change
Audio Available Jim Gustafson Shards, Storms, Smoke, and Sprouts
Audio Available John Philip Johnson The Book of Fly
Laura Judge Skin
Audio Available Peycho Kanev The Hope
Audio Available Rayon Lennon Red Brick Town
Al Maginnes Stern
Audio Available Marsh Muirhead Four Haiku
Audio Available Linnea Nelson Counting to Twelve at Willamette Park
Antonia Pozzi Solitude
Audio Available Jenny Qi Machine Learning
Audio Available Hayden Saunier Object Lesson in Over-Attachment
Katherine Barrett Swett City of Refuge
Craig van Rooyen Prozac Ode


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