#36 – Winter 2011




Tribute to Buddhist Poets

Conversations with
M.L. Liebler & Chase Twichell

Releasing December 1st, this winter’s issue of Rattle highlights the work of 30 contemporary Buddhist poets. As Dick Allen writes in his introduction, Buddhism “is not a glimpse or gaze but an immersion. There’s no glass, no other side.” These poets don’t write about Buddhism, so much as they seek to live it—“my small boat is no one on this water,” writes Lola Haskins. All of their poems are full of compassion and mindfulness, informed by years of studying human experience from this unique perspective, which has much to offer Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike.

Rattle #36 also features an open section of 33 poets, and the 15 finalists for the 2011 Rattle Poetry Prize—with the $5,000 winner to be chosen for the first time by popular vote. In the conversations section Alan Fox’s speaks with M.L. Liebler and Buddhist poet Chase Twichell.


Buddhist Poets

Audio Available Dick Allen Knock on the Sky…
from The Zen Master Poems
Audio Available Li Bai Alone on Mount Jingting
Pam Herbert Barger What She Did Not Do
Audio Available Karen Benke Joy Ride
John Brehm Two Poems
Toni Cameron My Thoughts
Audio Available Teresa Mei Chuc Playground
Louisa Diodato The Keepers
Jeffrey Franklin The Excitement of Getting a Room…
Robert Funge On the Death of Grandfather
Audio Available Gary Gach Haiku
Audio Available Dan Gerber On My Seventieth Birthday
Audio Available Sam Hamill On Being Invited to Submit Poems…
Gail Hanlon Jubilate Samsara
Audio Available Lola Haskins Creek Light
Audio Available Donna Henderson Shenpa
Yang Jian Winter Day
Audio Available Bo Juyi Springtime in Loyang
Alison Luterman Big Naked Man
Paul Pedroza Deicide
Audio Available Peg Quinn When the Buddha Farmed Nebraska
Diana M. Raab The Search for Happiness
Richard Schiffman Moth Koan
Audio Available Jinen Jason Shulman Constellation
Sarah Pemberton Strong Fish Tank
Anne Swannell Study in Mindfulness
Robert Tremmel Early 21st Century
Tony Trigilio Four Guys and a Truck
Chase Twichell Dead Leaf Bouquet
Jack Vian Like an American Princess


Anonymous Stifled
Audio Available Kathleen Balma Roadkill on the Path to Salvation
Audio Available Grace Bauer Our Waitress’s Marvelous Legs
Audio Available Michael Bazzett The Usefulness of Marriage
Jill Bergkamp Safe Haven
Destiny Birdsong Confessional
Audio Available Jan Bottiglieri Dear Atlas:
Audio Available Claudia Cortese Sarah’s Mother Makes Her Long…
Audio Available Steven Coughlin Another City
Audio Available Hope Coulter Morning Haul
Audio Available Sally Ehrman Magic on the Other Side of This
Audio Available Brian Fitzpatrick Sleep Half Sleep [Silence]…
Alan Fox Being Here
Audio Available Sonia Greenfield Sago, West Virginia
Paul Hlava Dillinger Is Dead
Donald Illich The Escape Artist
Audio Available Sean Karns Jar of Pennies
Quincy R. Lehr Bunga-Bunga
Audio Available M.L. Liebler Underneath My American Face
Joanne Lowery Bolting the Door, Locking the Gate
Audio Available Charles Manis Flu Season and a Living Will
Audio Available Bruce McBirney Midnight
Audio Available Wendy Oleson Eat Your M&M
Audio Available Jason Olsen My Best Friend’s Wife
John O’Reilly The Bittern at Abbott’s Lagoon
Audio Available Jack Powers Rob Smuniewski Is Dead
Murray Silverstein Present at the Creation
Virginia Slachman Blue Hand
Bruce Snider Cruising the Reststop on Route 9
Audio Available Ephraim Scott Sommers To Myself as a Statue in Central Park
Audio Available Lianne Spidel Ambassador Bridge
Jeanann Verlee Wherein the Author Provides…

Poetry Prize Finalists

Audio Available Pia Aliperti Boiler
Audio Available Tony Barnstone Why I’m Not a Carpenter
Audio Available Kim Dower Why People Really Have Dogs
Audio Available Courtney Kampa Self-Portrait by Someone Else
Audio Available M To a Husband, Saved by Death at 48
Andrew Nurkin The Noises Poetry Makes
Charlotte Pence Perfectly Whatever
Laura Read What the Body Does
Audio Available Hayden Saunier The One and the Other
Audio Available Diane Seuss What Is at the Heart of It…
Jeff Vande Zande The Don’ts
Craig van Rooyen The Minstrel Cycle
Bryan Walpert Objective Correlative
Anna Lowe Weber Spring Break 2011
Maya Jewell Zeller Honesty


M.L. Liebler
Chase Twichell