“Constellation” by Jinen Jason Shulman

Jinen Jason Shulman


We swim to God
because we’ve been
misled, the way we
find Cassiopeia and
bears and fish living
in the infinite sky.
But stars have no
names and picture
nothing and point
to nothing and are
only brilliant, bright,
and we were never
meant to suffer
at the hands of light.

But we do. And we
drown sometimes
in the fabled separation
that is our leaven,
and that we take
as part
of Heaven.

from Rattle #36, Winter 2011
Tribute to Buddhist Poets


Jinen Jason Shulman: “Since earliest childhood, my life has been concerned with understanding the truth of reality. This inclination, along with the usual assortment of human sufferings, led me to become a teacher of healing based on my Buddhist and Kabbalistic backgrounds and eventually found A Society of Souls, the School for Nondual Healing and Awakening, based in New Jersey and the Netherlands. Poetry and music are an important part of my practice and teaching.”

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