#66 – Winter 2019

Rattle Poetry Prize

Conversation with
Robin Coste Lewis

Rattle #66 cover, painting of an angel playing diceThe Winter 2019 issue of Rattle is fresh out of the oven, and we can’t wait for you to dig in to this diverse selection of poetry—from Grace Bauer’s “Unspeakable Elegy,” an understatedly powerful portrait of grief, to Jasmin Roberts’ “Self-Selection for Preservation,” an unflinching depiction of a grandmother who “lived her entire childhood in a segregated south.” We’ve got sharp-as-a-tack formal poems, poems whose titles are poems in themselves (“When Your Mother Asks You If You’re Seeing Anyone and No Longer Means a Therapist”), poems with insights so searingly true you find yourself holding your breath for a moment (“He wants to know what it’s like to be a woman / so I say, we all got touched in ways we didn’t want.” —Jeanmarie Evelly).

In addition to all that, we’re proud to present the results of the 2019 Rattle Poetry Prize, including a sonnet based on a painting by Alice Neel, an ode to a deported uncle, and many others, all of which beg to be read again and again. And then, of course, there’s our 2019 winner, “Stroke” by Matthew Dickman, a poem so good it feels more like an experience than words on a page.

Last but not least, Alan Fox sits down with Robin Coste Lewis for a conversation that is as illuminating as it is varied, touching on fame and public life, the evolution of language, Sanskrit, mythology, and much, much more. You won’t want to miss it.

All subscribers will also receive the chapbook The Last Mastodon by Christina Olson.

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Open Poetry

Audio Available Amy Alvarez When You Ask Why My Arms Are Empty
Audio Available Chaun Ballard If You Were to Ask Me the State of My Country …
Wendy Barker In the Endoscopy Center
Audio Available Grace Bauer Unspeakable Elegy
Audio Available Jefferson Carter Life Partner
Jeanmarie Evelly History of a Body
Alan C. Fox Wherefore Art Thou?
Audio Available Michele Graaff Channel 37
Audio Available Albert Katz On Hitting 70
Sam Killmeyer Play like a Boy
Audio Available Cindy King When Your Mother Asks if You’re Seeing Anyone …
Danusha Laméris Twin Strangers
Jenna Lyles The White Man’s Wife Will Bear Him Triplets
Audio Available Clint Margrave When Death Travels
Stephen Morrow Neighbors
Tyler Mortensen-Hayes Autumn Elegy
Arielle Moss Damn, You’re Tiny
Anna Newman Gurney Season
James Ragan Taming the Sloth
The Bitters at Henley
Jasmin Roberts Self-Selection for Preservation
Denzel Scott Seven People Dancing
Audio Available Tim Skeen That Other While Ago
Michael T. Young The One in Power

Poetry Prize Winner

Matthew Dickman Stroke


Audio Available Kathleen Balma Punch Line
Susan Browne Bonanza
Barbara Lydecker Crane Mother and Child
Maya Tevet Dayan Foreign-ness
Daniel Arias Gómez Cathedrals: Ode to a Deported Uncle
Red Hawk The Never-Ending Serial
Sue Howell Gender Studies
Kimberly Kemler From Oblivious Waters
James Davis May Red in Tooth and Claw
Gabrielle Otero Self-Portrait, Despite What They Say


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