#37 – Summer 2012




Tribute to Law Enforcement Poets

Conversations with Amiri Baraka & Rhoda Janzen

Rattle #37Releasing this June, Rattle #37 features a selection of poems by fourteen law enforcement officers. One might not expect any similarity between policing and poetry, but with reams of paperwork, plenty of drama, and a need for attention to fine detail, poets and cops do have much in common. And as retired police officer James Fleming explains in his introduction, “a sparse, carefully-written police report can evoke tears.”

Of course, the Law Enforcement tribute is only part of the issue. Rattle #37’s particularly rich open section features the work of a full 68 poets. And to cap off one of our most diverse issues yet, Alan Fox interviews the controversial political activist and poet Amiri Baraka, and former-Mennonite memoirist and poet Rhoda Janzen.


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Law Enforcement Poets

James Fleming Cops on the Beat (essay)
Madeline Artenberg Guardians of the Good
Barbara Ann Carle Shots Fired
Sarah Cortez The Secret
Betty Davis Fred Astaire and Betty Davis
James Fleming Working Homocide
Jesse S. Fourmy Duluth
Hans Jewinski Blue Funk
Suzanne Kessler Mercy
Dean Olson Yellow Sailboat
David S. Pointer Hooverites and Jarhead MPs
John J. Powers Proof of Service
G. Emil Reutter Shoulders
Audio Available Vance Voyles After
William Walsh The Old Me
Sarah Cortez More Cops on the Beat (essay)


Audio Available Christeene Alcosiba What Remains Is Given Up to the Fire
Amiri Baraka The Terrorism of Abstraction
Wendy Barker Sterenfall
Joseph Bathanti Praise the Lord
Ben Berman The Underside
Audio Available Darla Biel When My Ex Called in Sick
Ace Boggess Property
Peter Bradley Deus ex Machina
Eric Burger God’s Razors
Erik Campbell Great Caesar’s Ghost
Audio Available Rohan Chhetri Not the Exception
Paul F. Cummins Elegy
Audio Available Weston Cutter Lungs Like a Distance Swimmer
Tiffanie Desmangles In the County for a PR
Richard Donnelly It Would Take
Thomas Dorsett The Pleasures of Age
Audio Available Kathleen Driskell In a Diner Somewhere in Iowa
Patrick Dutcher People You May Know
Jaclyn Dwyer The Fire
Audio Available Alejandro Escude Precis
Alan Fox Tofu Fu & Tofu Fu Two
Fred Fox The Sea
Sarah Freligh Sex Education
Ed Galing Cleaning House
Audio Available Kristin George Bagdanov Holding Light
Audio Available Jennifer Givhan An Editor Advised Me to Stop Writing …
Susan F. Glassmeyer On Old Congress Road
John Gosslee Portrait of an Inner Life
Margaret Green Haiku
Tresha Faye Haefner Tattoos on Young Women in Spring
Theodosia Henney About-to-Rain
Jackleen Holton God Knows I Want to Be Good
Audio Available Jessica Jacobs Primer
Lowell Jaeger Trash
Rhoda Janzen Let’s Say
The Minnesota Multiphastic Personality …
Dave Jarecki The Cosmic Dance
Edmund Jorgensen Wouldn’t You Like to Be a Pepper, Too?
Rose Kelleher Enlightenment
Lynne Knight Almost by Heart
Audio Available Eugenia Leigh Destination: Beautiful
Lyn Lifshin Honeysuckle
Clint Margrave The Famous Atheist
Frank Matagrano Auditing the Heart
Joan Mazza Extremes
Ken Meisel Woman Releasing a Tongueless Swallow…
Audio Available Donald Platt Caddy
Audio Available Christine Poreba Between Missing and Found
Kuno Raeber Nursing & Void
Josh Rathkamp Single Father
Mary Ellen Redmond The Sister of Icarus
Jack Ridl Hardship in a Nice Place
Audio Available Richard Robbins The Tattooed Woman
Mary Anne Rojas Hard Work Pays Off
Sam Sax Reuptake Inhibitors
Rebecca Schumejda How to Classify a Reptile
Ali Shapiro Pittsburgh
Janice D. Soderling Real Men Don’t Take No Shit from Nobody
Alan Soldofsky Recovery at Lake Tahoe
Rob Stephens Dammit and the Placenta
Bruce Taylor Fast Facts About Famous People
Craig van Rooyen Reading Exodus
Richard Vargas The Company Provides a Free Lunch…
David Wagoner The Plumber’s Nightmare
Kathleen A. Wakefield While Taking a Nap …
Rediscovers the Wheel
Listens to the Dead
A.D. Winans Media Blues
Scott Withiam Watching Deer in a Snowstorm
Jeff Worley How to Become a Professional Folk Singer

A Bit of Color

Guy Kettelhack My Problem with Your Hat


Amiri Baraka
Rhoda Janzen


Jarrett Blaustein