“Wherefore Art Thou?” by Alan C. Fox

Alan C. Fox


I hasten to assure
All who wander by
I live, a pragmatist,
And know regret
Like Romeo and Juliet

Fallen in love.
We know the launch,
Pure joy, but
The landing, endless
Sorrow, I confess

I picture those two,
Married for years,
Three kids, a million fights,
Romeo at the pub, he’s out,
Juliet at home, with gout.

Do I long today
For all my Juliets?
Prithee, kind reader,
Not at all, I’m sane
With my Juliet who will remain.

from Rattle #66, Winter 2019


Alan C. Fox: “I began writing this poem to honor my Juliet of almost 50 years ago, who committed suicide on April 15, 1971. But the poem reminded me how very happy I am with my wife, with one hiatus, of more than 35 years.” (web)

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