#57 – Fall 2017




Rust Belt Poets

Conversation with
Ken Meisel

Rattle #57The Fall 2017 issue is dedicated to poets of the Rust Belt, a region of the United States stretching from the Great Lakes to the upper Midwest. The name refers to the deindustrialization, population loss, and urban decay due to the shrinking of its once-powerful industrial sector. One explanation for the results of the 2016 U.S. elections was the shifting political attitude of this region, and we thought we’d check in and find a first-hand account of what’s going on through the poet’s eye.  Twenty-one poets contributed to this  feature, chosen from over 2,000 submissions. In the conversation section, editor Timothy Green—himself a Rust Belt poet—talks to Detroit-based psychotherapist and poet Ken Meisel. Having lived in the Rust Belt his entire life, Meisel offers deep insights into the region’s psyche, and discusses a range of other topics, from marital love to a model for turning his art into charity.

The issue also includes seventeen poets in another eclectic open section.


Rust Belt Poets

Audio Available Steve Abbott This Should Be a Good Poem
Caroline Barnes Pardoning the Turkey
Audio Available Cameron Barnett New Fruit Humming
Audio Available Milton Bates Coyote Country
George Bilgere Pancake Dilemma
Sarah Carson Six Reasons I Can’t Answer the Door for You …
Eric Chiles Medi-Maze
Audio Available Nic Custer Work Is What It Is
Rachel Custer Kid
Jim Daniels Prodigal Son Returns to Warren, Michigan
Audio Available Todd Davis Cracks
Audio Available Sarah Wylder Deshpande The Patron Saint of Boredom
William Evans I Say Cathedral When I Mean Gunpowder
Audio Available Kelly Fordon Who Am I?
K. H. The Visit
Kamal E. Kimball I Hear America Rusting
Audio Available Nancy Krygowski Weed Whacker
Cade Leebron New Guide to the Quasi-Political
Ken Meisel Art Installation
Audio Available Christine Rhein In Detroit, What Counts as Grace
Audio Available Ed Ruzicka Palimony
Audio Available Laszlo Slomovits After the Reading by the Famous Poet
Karen J. Weyant Where Girls Still Ride the Beds …


Joseph A. Chelius Stockboy
Audio Available Edward Derby Andrew Describes How to Slaughter Chickens
Lovett Finnegan When I Run an Art Museum I Will Feature …
Jim Hanlen Three Things
Audio Available Zachary Hester Elegy for the Child Who Did Not Die of SIDS
Audio Available Donna Hilbert Rambler
Audio Available Ananda Lima Line
Bob Lucky It Was Too Dark for a Light …
Audio Available Herbert Woodward Martin That Summer
Andrew Miller The Bees and the Lightning
Behzad Molavi X
Audio Available Al Ortolani The Taco Boat
Li Qingzhao Spring at Wuling
Audio Available Lee Rossi Microcosmology
Michael Sears My Mother and I Beat a Dog
Matthew Buckley Smith Undergrads
Dennis Trudell A Few Minutes


Ken Meisel

Cover Art

Mark Hillringhouse