#49 – Fall 2015





Conversation with
Peter Munro

Rattle #49

Rattle #49 features poetry from twenty scientists, and an expansive conversation with Alaskan fisheries scientist Peter Munro. We received over 1,000 submissions from poets working in the sciences, and with this issue we explore the relationship between science and poetry through poetry. How does rigorous investigation influence the poetry? Is verse an escape from, or an extension of, the day job? We’ll study that.

It isn’t all hard data and peer review, though—the issue’s open section also features another 19 poets from non-scientific backgrounds.



Len Anderson The Basic Question
 Audio Available Daniel Becker Joint National Commissions Galore
Dennis Caswell Turing Test
 Audio Available Meg Eden Tohoku Ghost Stories
Anna M. Evans The Non-Euclidean Universe
 Audio Available Annelyse Gelman How to Pray
 Audio Available Richard Hedderman Mummies
 Audio Available Ilana Kelsey Grandmother:
Julie Bloss Kelsey Four Haiku
 Audio Available Ruth Madievsky Tuning Fork
 Audio Available Peter Munro If This Is Middle Age Then I’ll Die at 93.667
 Audio Available John Nimmo Advice to a New Postdoc
Erin Noteboom Curie in Love
 Audio Available Edward Nudelman Inertia Violated
Katrina Outland Cleaning
Julia Runcie How the River
 Audio Available Amy Schrader You Might Think This Is What Happens
Matthew J. Spireng Dog Sitting in Snow
 Audio Available Arthur J. Stewart Five Types of Confidence
 Audio Available Suzanne Zeitman Pathetic

Open Poetry

George Bilgere Ghostly Heron
Franny Choi Home (Initial Findings)
Lauren S. Cook Oranges
Mike Faran Enchilada Night
Alan Fox Ashes to …
Audio Available Ethan Joella A Prayer for Ducks
Lynn Levin Buying Produce from the Marked-Down Cart
Nina Lindsay In the End
Michael Mark Roly-Poly Bodhisattva
James Davis May At the Artists’ Colony
Bronwen Butter Newcott Shame at Eight
 Audio Available Jack Ridl “Together in the Back Yard”
Anele Rubin Tired
 Audio Available Adam Scheffler 1WTC
Thadra Sheridan When They Told Me You Had Died
Sarah Pemberton Strong Anesthesia
Dennis Trudell Holiday Tale
Irene Wellman Vision
Mike White So, If Everyone Jumped Off a Bridge


Peter Munro


Colleen McLaughlin