#67 – Spring 2020

Students of Kim Addonizio

Conversation with
Kim Addonizio

Rattle #67 cover, dark photo of woman sitting on kitchen counter with wine glassThe Spring 2020 issue features a special tribute section of poems written by students of Kim Addonizio’s poetry workshops (as well as one poem by Kim herself). Kim is as extraordinary a teacher as she is a poet, a fact that’s apparent in the rich, accomplished work of her students. She shares candidly about her teaching philosophy in a conversation with Alan Fox, as well as her approach to writing, and there’s much for both new and experienced poets to glean from her insights.

In the open section, the poems themselves are as good as their titles: “The Cow I Didn’t Eat.” “Social Experiments in Which I Am the [Bear].” “Ode to the Mattress on the Side of the Interstate.” Diverse as always, the new issue features a poem written in “the imagined voice of Frida Kahlo” (Barbara Lydecker Crane), “Young Dyke” by Alison Hazle (“This was my surname/for years. I wore it/like some fucking/Birkenstocks.”), a duo of triolets by Carolyne Wright, and much more.




Kim Addonizio & Students

Audio Available Kim Addonizio Sestina: Writing
Karen Benke After the Affair
Susan Browne Duct Tape, Sleep, Pretzels
X.P. Callahan Pink Mountain
Eleanor Channell Rivermouth
Steve Cushman My Neighbor
Cheryl Dumesnil Today’s Sermon
Sarah Freligh Wild Me
In Koo Kim The Commuters of Penn Station Want to Go Home
Tracey Knapp Weather Report with Turkeys
Anja Konig After the Election
Marie-Elizabeth Mali Diving
Clint Margrave The Meta-Metamorphosis
Amy Miller Higher Love
Karen Moulton It’s Getting Late
Ann Tweedy Vanishing Point
Sharry Wright Looking In

Open Poetry

George Bilgere Chernobyl
No Problem
Lollie Butler The Cow I Didn’t Eat
Erik Campbell The Vikings Between Us
Barbara Lydecker Crane You Will Remember Me
William Evans Social Experiments in Which I Am the [Bear]
William Fargason Ode to the Mattress on the Side of the Interstate
Dan Gerber What I Remember of World War II
Lola Haskins Touring the Lower Oklawaha
Alison Hazle Young Dyke
Matt Marinovich Mr. Pescado
Day Mattar For Attention
Richard Prins Arrest This Poem
Marjorie Saiser I Was Charmed by the Dirt Road
Dondre Scott How Black Are You? #8
Emily Sernaker Lucky Enough
Kenny Tanemura Skills
William Trowbridge Fool Invents the Piano, 1250 A.D.
Charles Harper Webb Crabby
Carolyne Wright Triolets on a Dune Shack
Joseph Zaccardi The Hat


Kim Addonizio (web)

Cover Art

Elizabeth Sanderson