“After the Election” by Anja Konig

Anja Konig


some people became erratic.
A physical
therapist smashed
a hot dog stand.
Teachers tossed
garbage cans.
A middle-aged woman
defied the police,
not crossing
the street
where instructed.
If she were black
she could have been shot.
I am still flossing,
a possible sign
of optimism?
My yoga instructor
would make
a good president.
She knows all the positions:
thread the needle,
down dog.

from Rattle #67, Spring 2020
Students of Kim Addonizio


Anja Konig: “Kim is one of my absolute favorite poets. I admire her aggressive clarity, her rhythm—she really is Bukowski in a sundress, with better skin. I compulsively read her poem ‘What Women Want’ aloud to my friends. One runs out of the house to buy a new Addonizio book, even in hardcover.”

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