“Wild Me” by Sarah Freligh

Sarah Freligh


after Mary Oliver by way of Kim Addonizio

You do not have to be bad.
You do not have to get down on your knees
in a gas station bathroom for a guy
whose name you’ve already forgotten. 
You only have to tell him
a dirty joke in which you’re
the punchline. Tell me
about your sex toys
and I’ll show you mine. 
Meanwhile the sun sets.
Meanwhile feral cats slink
from shadow to shadow 
howling at your need. 
Meanwhile, you grow paws, 
claws, a tail. Wherever
you are, a coyote is watching
and waiting over and over
for you to lie down.

from Rattle #67, Spring 2020
Students of Kim Addonizio


Sarah Freligh: “Years before I took the first of three online classes with Kim, she was already teaching me about the kind of poetry I wanted to write. As a fiction writer turned poet, Jimmy and Rita and Tell Me were my first bibles; I kept copies in my purse or backpack until they were worn-out and dog-eared. Years later, Kim is still teaching me and so many others. In fact, I wager you’d be hard-pressed to find a contemporary American poet who hasn’t been influenced in some way by Kim. My biggest takeaway from studying with Kim is a reminder to be fearless in my own work, to pursue my own truths about the world with passion.” (web)

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