#71 – Spring 2021

Tribute to Neurodiversity

Conversation with
Michael Mark

Rattle #71 cover, colorful painting of a spiral eye with birds swirling around itThe Spring 2021 issue of Rattle features a Tribute to Neurodiversity. For those unfamiliar, Neurodiversity is a concept that embraces neurological differences as strengths rather than deficiencies. It’s an honor to highlight the rich and complex work being written by the Neurodiverse community. This issue’s conversation features Michael Mark, who discusses how dyslexia has contributed to his life and work, as well as advertising, ghost stories, Buddhism, and many other topics.

The issue includes another exciting and highly-varied open section, presenting poets such as Skye Jackson and Stephen Dunn, covering a wide range of subjects and styles. From gorgeous haiku (“Five Haiku in Spring” by Deborah A. Bennett), to Rebecca Schumejda’s thoughtful narrative poem “Volunteering at the Avian Rescue Center,” to a laugh-out-loud-funny exploration of the struggles of fatherhood (Jeff Tigchelaar’s “Is There Anything I Can Do”), there’s much for everyone to enjoy and savor in this colorful collection.




Audio Available Emily Adams How I Got Committed (A Chapter Book)
Audio Available Stephen Allen Tourette’s Sonnets
Audio Available Lois Baer Barr Train of Thought
Rachael Collins Al-Anon
Audio Available Julianne Di Nenna The Accountant
Karen Downs-Barton On Seeing Your Clothes on Someone Else
Audio Available Meg Eden Laundry Woman
Brendan Egan Breadfather
Aryk Greenawalt American Museum of Natural History …
Clarice Hare Go Get ’Er
Madison Klingbeil Dirty / Pretty
Audio Available Robin Knight Shoalfish
Audio Available Eugenia Leigh Undiagnosed
Chris Marchello The Time Travel Tourism Bureau
Audio Available Michael Mark Unfavorable Odds
Palma McKeown How It Started
Xuan Nguyen The Enchantress That Made Us
Esther Ottaway On Whether the Earth Is Flat, Round …
Scott Strom 12:32 p.m. 
Isabelle Thompson A Mathematically Perfect Heart
Justin Vicari Serenade: The Goods on Me

Open Poetry

Audio Available Yasmeen Alkishawi On the Reconstruction of Shame …
Yvonne Amey What Dwayne Remembers …
Deborah A. Bennett Five Haiku in Spring
Kathleen A. Dale A Question of Time
William Virgil Davis Homage to Donald Justice
Stephen Dunn The Contrarian’s Advice to Himself
Eli Eliahu In Our Line of Duty
Lupita Eyde-Tucker Mis Gacelas
Skye Jackson Can We Touch Your Hair?
Brooke James While I Wait
Robert Lynn Prayer for Mr. Armand Palakiko
Mather Schneider My Fifteenth Year
Rebecca Schumejda Volunteering at the Avian Rescue Center
J.R. Solonche Go Out and Listen to the Frogs
Jeff Tigchelaar Is There Anything I Can Do
Megan Waring Anxiety Charts
Mike White Death


Michael Mark (web)

Cover Art

K.A. Cummins (web)