“How I Got Committed (A Chapter Book)” by Emily Adams

Emily Adams


Chapter 1  

I met Chris at drum band. He asked me out.  


Chapter 2  

For our first year being a couple, we went to the Waterfront Hotel. Chris likes to kiss on the lips and French kiss. We like to hold hands.  


Chapter 3

We dated for five years. In 2015 he asked me to marry him. 


Chapter 4 

In 2017 we started planning our commitment party. We went to a wedding planner at Hamilton Art Gallery. She showed us some rooms for wedding parties.


Chapter 5 

I got a pretty party dress in a package from a city far away and a new pair of black shoes. Justin, my brother-in-law, did the ceremony and helped me and Chris read our vows. Then we kissed each other.


Chapter 6

At the party, there were family and friends, pretty flowers and a cupcake tower cake. It had pink, white, and blue icing. We had some good food to eat and me and Chris danced to live music played by Dave from down the street and his friend. 


Chapter 7

I liked having my party at the gallery. The art made a pretty scene. The son of Mom’s friend Ruth took pictures for us. He got lots of pictures of me and Chris cuddling and dancing. Chris is a good dancer. 


Chapter 8

After the party we all went out to dinner at a nice restaurant. That night me and Chris stayed at the Sheraton Hotel. We liked reading the cards we got from our guests at the party.


Chapter 9

This past June, it was our 6th anniversary. Jenny, my sister, sent flowers. We got lots of happy anniversary cards. I have my party dress put away in one of the boxes in my apartment in my bedroom. I happy cried thinking of the commitment party and saying our vows. 


Chapter 10

When Covid came I moved in with my mom and dad. I gave Chris my cell phone, and he called every day. Me and Chris wish we could have kids.


Chapter 11

Now it is Thanksgiving. I made a pumpkin pie face that looks like Chris. He is making me into a girl making funny faces. Chris is walking like a running pumpkin, and I will be a turkey doing splits. 

from Rattle #71, Spring 2021
Tribute to Neurodiversity


Emily Adams: “I have a learning disability and wasn’t treated that nice. It is hard to have people accept me with my disability. I don’t like being different. School was hard but I learned to read and write. In 2019, I learned how to make pottery at Dundas Valley School of Art. Then I started my Blue Cat Pottery business and wrote a chapter book about it. Canadian Stories published it. So I decided to write another one about me and Chris. Being different is not fun, but I do okay.”

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