#35 – Summer 2011




Tribute to Canadian Poets

Conversations with
B.H. Fairchild & Brian Turner


Releasing in June, 2011, Rattle #35 travels north to explore the vast expanse of Canadian Poetry. Canada is a population smaller than that of California, spread across one of the largest and most geographically diverse countries on earth. The resulting poetry is a symphony of movements, both regional and stylistic, and a group of writers that are as vibrant and varied as the landscape itself. Never afraid to experiment, and equally comfortable with traditional form, this is by far the most eclectic tribute we’ve ever put together—and with 33 poets spanning 50 pages, it’s also the largest.

Of course, the Canadian tribute is only part of the issue. Rattle #35’s open section features the work of 41 poets, including Patricia Lockwood’s epic examination of the word “Popeye.” (You read that right.) Also, Alan Fox interviews two former lathe machinists: narrative master B.H. Fairchild and Iraq War veteran Brian Turner.


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Canadian Poets

Audio Available James Arthur Sad Robots
Audio Available John Wall Barger Three Photos of Jayne Mansfield
derek beaulieu For Kristen 3
Audio Available Gregory Betts Lingers Tear Gas
Jamie Bradley Ghazal
Julie Bruck Love to But
Arthur Bull Delta
Audio Available Jane Byers Baseball
Audio Available David Cavanagh Fugue
Audio Available Sam Cheuk Dramaturgy
Audio Available Meaghan Elliott How to Drown Kittens in 1958
Victor Enns Afghanistan Confessions
Heidi Garnett A Hundred and Fifty Kinds of Grasses
Audio Available Susan L. Helwig What Need or Duty
Michael Lavers Coda
Alice Major Poetry and Scale
Audio Available Susan McMaster Charity
Audio Available Bruce McRae Grass in My Hair
Audio Available Kathryn Mockler Twister
Molly Peacock The Ex-World
Audio Available Patrick M. Pilarski Your Village
Audio Available Marilyn Gear Pilling The Dog
Shane Rhodes The Promises Herein Contained
Rolli The Police Me Follow So
Audio Available Rachel Rose What We Heard About the Americans
What We Heard About the Canadians 
Audio Available E. Shaun Russell Archetypes
Audio Available Jacob Scheier Single Man’s Song
Audio Available Michael Shea Letter to a Young Bombmaker
Audio Available Thompson & Tully The Chair
Naomi Beth Wakan Two Tanka
Tom Wayman The Everlasting Room
Audio Available Laurelyn Whitt Bunahan
Alexandra Wilder The Birth of Sisters


Amanda Auchter The Pink Chanel Suit
Francesca Bell First Responders
Audio Available Heather Bell Love Letter to the Gulf Coast Oil Spill
Jenn Blair Sumter
Audio Available Bruce Bond Boo
Audio Available Amanda J. Bradley To Thomas Pynchon…
Audio Available Allison Campbell What to Know
Audio Available Brendan Constantine “So God Will Know You”
Audio Available Christopher Crawford So Gay
Audio Available Kelly Cressio-Moeller Waiting for Charon in the ER
Audio Available Stevie Edwards What I Mean by Ruin Is…
Audio Available Michael Ferris Think of the Children!
Alan Fox Consider the Silence
Christeene Fraser Things I Could Never Tell My Daughter
Audio Available Myles Gordon The Beat Goes On
Linda S. Gottlieb Ravenous
Sarah Grieve To Old Men
Audio Available Robert Haynes On the Rule of SB-1070
Sativa January Alphabet Fingerprints
T.J. Jarrett How to Speak to the Dead
Audio Available Jan LaPerle She Rings Like a Bell Through the Night
Dan Leamen Muslim Soldier, Faisal Shahzad
Patricia Lockwood When We Move Away from Here…
Audio Available Alison Luterman Say Yes to the Dress
Gail Martin Juggler
Megan Moriarty Looking at Us Living
Audio Available Mathias Nelson I Only Dance for My Mother
Rachael Lynn Nevins Housekeeping
Audio Available Leah Nielsen Teaching Slant Rhyme
David D. Nolta Two Panels by Memling
Audio Available Todd Outcalt On the First Anniversary…
Audio Available Saara Myrene Raappana A Battleship Examines Its Faith
Audio Available Kirk Robinson The Breaks
Anthony Sams Home
Mather Schneider Kite Weather
Audio Available Carrie Shipers Apology for Being Small
Patricia Smith Next, Next
Audio Available Terry Spohn Shelf Life
Danielle Spratley Prayer for an Inmate of RVJDC
Audio Available Lesley Wheeler Rim Walkers
Scott Withiam Can You Imagine This World?
Him to Pickles


B.H. Fairchild
Brian Turner