“Go Get ’Er” by Clarice Hare

Clarice Hare


Butt-chugging smoke-licking lovebite-
begging ex-lover—

Not taking no no’s, but you take me 
for some dum-dum magic skull cookie?

X-tra spicy like you treat me—
Say I should’ve let you beat me—

Two pounds of mud on my face
for you—doctor pimple popper 
wouldn’t have a clue—so get 
down on your knees and lift your 
squick ass up, eighty-two 
times two

Painting my skin cross 
the asphalt (your fault)—
painting my juice cross 
the face of your pit boss—

Spit and swear no more romances 
with oil-gloved big-boned fist-letches, 
cause never was any last one of them 

Fat-cell ice tea, but 
they want a flambé—yay, 
you did it but you’re burned 
inside—meanwhile your outsides’ve 
never ever been

Like my daddy said 
when I failed second grade: “Well, 
it’s not exactly like we ever 
thought she’d be 
a go-getter.”

from Rattle #71, Spring 2021
Tribute to Neurodiversity


Clarice Hare: “In my lifetime, I have been diagnosed with depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, Asperger syndrome, and attention deficit disorder/inattentive type, none of which I feel is exact or comprehensive. The one thing ten out of ten doctors agree on is that I’m not neurotypical. My differences have both spurred me to make many decisions that a ‘sane’ person would probably not have made, thus leading me into adventures that—once survived—have proven fertile ground for my writing, and provided the unique lens through which I view both weird and mundane experiences. This is why I choose to leave the big topics and current events to other poets and instead write the poems that only I can write. Of course, writing at all is only possible now that I’ve reached the point where I’d sincerely and wholeheartedly rather be the way I am than not. I’m grateful for the handful of other people in my life who’ve felt the same.”

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