#59 – Spring 2018

Immigrant Poets

Conversation with
Alejandro Escudé

Rattle #59The Spring 2018 issue features a tribute to Immigrant Poets—eighteen poets who no longer live in their countries of birth, often exploring the sense of place and identity. Some poets have emigrated from places like Hong Kong, India, Sudan, and the Ukraine to the United States, while others moved abroad from the U.S. In the conversation section, editor Timothy Green talks to Argentinian-American poet Alejandro Escudé. Having emigrated to California as a child, Escudé shares his experience, before moving on to topics like “fidgit poetry” and gun control.

The issue also includes 21 poets in another eclectic open section, including everything from phallogocentrism to fish-burgers, and a long topical prose poem co-written by Denise Duhamel and Julie Marie Wade.



Immigrant Poets

Audio Available  Yakov Azriel  The Immigrant
 Elizabeth T. Chao  Qí Páo
Audio Available  Floyd Cheung  Immigrant English Professor’s Lament …
Audio Available  Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach  In Praise of Forgetting
 Dalia Elhassan  Final Portrait of the Sudanese
Audio Available  Alejandro Escudé  The First Time I Took My Gun to the Range
Audio Available  Chris Huntington  Sonnet, with Redskins
Audio Available  Luisa A. Igloria  Dear Federico,
Audio Available  Maria Jastrzebska  Dear Mama,
Audio Available  Annie Kantar  A Matter of Time
 Tanya Ko-Hong  A Blonde Whispers Korean in My Ear—
Audio Available  Sneha Madhavan-Reese  To Thousand Island
Audio Available  Sue O’Dea  Prayer
Audio Available  Yamini Pathak  Indian Beauty
Audio Available  Divya Rajan  Ranchi, India, 1966
Audio Available  Gene Tanta  Watching Paint Dry
 Simona Chitescu Weik  What They Smuggled Across the Border—
Audio Available  Echo Wren  The Last Toothbrush
Audio Available  Europa


Audio Available  Scott Beal  Ambiguous Antecedents
 George Bilgere  Big Thing
Audio Available  Kate Buckley  Zumba with the Church Ladies
Audio Available  Bonnie Buhrow  Miraculous Sawdust
 Denise Duhamel  Hush
 & Julie Marie Wade
 Megan Falley  Ode to Red Lipstick
Audio Available  Dave Harris  My Train
 Bob Hicok  I Am Wanting
 Going Big
 Nicole Homer  Wonder Woman Underoos
 Lowell Jaeger  Fish-Burger and Fries
 Brad Johnson  They Said It Was a Weather Balloon
 Jonathan Johnson  Night Drive at Twenty-Five and Twenty-Six …
 Nancy Kangas  Patience
 Julie Price Pinkerton  On the Pier Where the Sign Reads …
 Laura Read  Phallogocentric
 Daniel Tompkins  This All Happened on Earth
 Kathleen A. Wakefield  They Began Late
 William H. Wandless  Practical Anatomy
 Jeff Whitney  Dear Phil,
 Lizabeth Yandel  Elegy for Charles Porter


Alejandro Escudé

Cover Art

Kristina Gehrmann