2014 RYPA




Rattle Young Poets Anthology


RYPA 2014

How does an eight-year-old respond to global climate change? How does an eleven-year-old process the notion of a beheading? How does a four-year-old experience her mother’s anxiety? These 60 poets may be kids, but they write about most of the things that adults do, and with a depth of understanding that deserves more respect than they’re often given. This is not a cute collection hoping to win your adoration. These are real poems, by talented authors, with important stories to share—stories that are at turns haunting and hilarious, heart-warming and heart-breaking. Be delighted and inspired, but don’t treat these poets lightly.



Gwen Allison The Shark Said
Savannah Alvarez Rambunctious
Elliot L. Armitage London
Cailena Bickell Don’t Worry Mom, Don’t Panic
Gavia Boyden The Donkey
Oscar Brady The Mountain Raven
Audio Available Ariane Branigan Bearer of the Light
Theo Candlish When People Leave This Earth
Audio Available Abigail Rose Cargo Firefly
Audio Available Lauren E. Carter A Girl of Five or Eight’s Exemplum
Rubio Jett Castagna-Torres I Doodilye You Coo Coo
Frank Colasacco Bob the Bear
Kathmandu Cook Salmon
James Dailey Big Sis
Jo’lene Dailey What I Want to Do Most of the Time
Sophia Dienstag Grandpa Bob
Gabby Dodd-Terrell He Lives in an Ark and Dreams
Audio Available Zea Eanet Lessons
Audio Available Kofi Edufo Making Noise
Zeena El Gindi Sudan
Phoebe Fischer Yellow
Rose Foster Eulogy for a Balloon
Aaron Fox It’s Raining
Madeleine Gallo Summer Peaches
Audio Available Piper Ginn The Chase
Audio Available Mae Glerum I Was a …
Melody Goldiner Water
Audio Available Raya Gottesfeld Seasons
Savion Harris Questions
Courtlyn Helder Blowing a Kiss to My Sister
Jorel Hill Frozen Shadows
Remington Janssen Famine
Emma Faye Jewell Why Should We in Some Forgotten Corner …
Mikey Kelsey Untitled
Skylar Kendall The Pangolin’s Love Story
Audio Available Stephanie Lester The Tired Face of the Magician …
Graham Linthorst Summer
Madeline McEwen A Journey to Heaven
Bree, Liya & Anya Miksovsky Haiku
Natalie Belle Neal Cat Love
Chloe Ortiz Confiding with a Hen
Twine: A Prayer
Ian Jasper Osborn In the Woods
Grace L. Park The Power of Clothes
Dreaming of Friends
Lina Patel Lost Things
Evie Portier Beauty of the Prisoner
Audio Available Alexander Prokopiev Once Upon a Time
Madeline Restino The Rocks Were So Small
Christell Victoria Roach Trailer Park Girls
Sabrina Swerdloff Oops
M. T. Girl Rising
Maximilian Tellini Past
Audio Available Junuh Tolan Evening Trees
Jack Urness See You at Home
Audio Available Jamie Uy Explain Sunbeams!
Peyton Vernon Nobody Likes Me
Tabitha Welch Inspiration
Audio Available Ben Wilson In the Forest
E. Wen Wong Deaf Child, Sweet Sound
Fiona Lauradunn Woolf Mystery Story
Tianyue Xia I Want to Tell the Fish

Cover Art

David Navas