“Trailer Park Girls” by Christell Victoria Roach

Christell Victoria Roach (age 14)


As children we dreamt of redemption,
the day when we’d leave this place.
Seclusion had no place in a child’s world,
and the mountains of nothingness 
held a loose embrace.
They say those are the days to remember
but now, with no welcome to the day, 
I sit bound to my lawn chair,
awaiting the copper sun,
for I shall never leave this place.

from 2014 Rattle Young Poets Anthology


Why do you like to write poetry?

Christell Victoria Roach: “I’m a young artist who always knew I was such. I grew up with stencils, paintbrushes, instruments (the infamous recorder, and viola), and leotards, too—but of all the arts I’ve dipped my toes into, the artist in me rests assured that writing is my forte. My sole desire is to move someone through poetry, and allow for my voice to be heard.”

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