“Once Upon a Time” by Alexander Prokopiev

Alexander Prokopiev (age 14)



from 2014 Rattle Young Poets Anthology

[download audio]


Why do you like to write poetry?

Alexander Prokopiev: “I like to draw because when I show my pictures to people, I feel satisfied when I see people become happy because of my hard work. That’s what I enjoy mostly in life—making people smile. I also enjoy creating new characters, creatures, and worlds that no one has ever seen. I don’t think of myself as a poet, admittedly. However, I do appreciate the fine art that is poetry. I think when I write, I have more time to think. Because of this, I am able to articulate my words in such a manner that it becomes fantastically extravagant … I like to write because through my writing, I am able to communicate to other people. It is an important skill to have since we humans are such social creatures.”

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