“Making Noise” by Kofi Edufo

Kofi Edufo (age 7)


The dead dog snores,
making noise in the world
full of mounds.
I can name two
belonging to my late friends,
a cat
and a fowl,
whom I feed the sun on the face
I tell a guest at the party,
where little else is eaten.
A man’s world he tells me
with a wink, this entire town
today is the kind of memorial day,
collecting shells, deep
and long from the eyes,
home is closer to sunset,
everybody looks at the foot coming back.

from 2014 Rattle Young Poets Anthology


Why do you like to write poetry?

Kofi Edufo: “I write poetry to discover and learn the world inside and outside me. My father writes and reads mostly poetry. He tells us all the things happening in a poem. He shows us photographs and lives of poets. I have developed an interest in poetry and literature. I cannot sit down waiting and watching. That’s why I write poems to amuse myself, making a poetry book to be part of the countless poetry books in the house.”

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