“Haiku” by Bree, Liya & Anya Miksovsky

Bree, Liya & Anya Miksovsky (ages 5, 9, 11)


A bundle of sticks
warm in the cold.
Water gurgling, water splashing
rushing towards me and flowing away
as if it can’t stand to sit still
You know it’s true
because I said it.
Write that down.
a yellow orangey leaf 
falls in front of me and joins
a pile on the ground
pictures of bells
at midnight you can almost
hear their lovely sound
—Liya and Bree
a tiny depressing little ember
in the back of the fireplace
suddenly roars into life
Liya and Bree
fight over a closet but then
I get to sleep there ha ha
Grandma meditates
while Liya and Bree screech
in their falling tent

from 2014 Rattle Young Poets Anthology

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