“Mystery Story” by Fiona Lauradunn Woolf

Fiona Lauradunn Woolf (age 8)


You’re sitting in Mrs. Cuftor’s house
You’re drinking a glass of tea
The unknown is the door behind you that leads to someplace mysterious
And you’re wondering about the humming on the deck
And the piano playing without fingers
And the sound of typewriting
You hear dark music from the mysterious door behind you
You take the cup of tea away from your lips
You stand up, and Mrs. Cuftor says
Stay awhile …

from 2014 Rattle Young Poets Anthology


Why do you like to write poetry?

Fiona Lauradunn Woolf: “I like to write poetry because it doesn’t have to make sense. And if you’re having something bad that is happening, you can write about it. And a poem can be almost anything. You could make it lyrics to a song, or you could make it words to a story. But the main reason I like to write poetry is because you’re putting your feelings on a blank piece of paper and you can express yourself however you want.”

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