“Lessons” by Zea Eanet

Zea Eanet (age 14)
i remember
standing on a beach
watching a kite fly away over the ocean
and feeling
a wrenching guilt and shame
i remember
refusing to share a candy
with a friend
and watching her face crumple in tears
i remember
standing and watching
red-gold leaves saunter down
and thinking
how is this dying
so beautiful
i do not remember
when i first realized i would die
or that other people felt like i do
or that even the most precious things
can be lost
but these are probably
pretty good guesses

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Why do you like to write poetry?

Zea Eanet: “I’m not sure; maybe because it’s very freeing? There are so many different ways to write poetry, and they all open up different ways of expressing emotion, complex or simple.”

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