#43 – Spring 2014




Love Poems

Conversation with
Troy Jollimore


Rattle #43Rattle #43 focuses on the love poem, with new work by 40 poets. From sonnets, triolets, and villanelles, to free verse, letters, and lyrics—we spent a year looking for love, in all the ways a poet can slice it. Old love new love, red love, blue love. Mean love, green love, thick love, lean love. In one poem kissing is a religion, another’s love is for a chicken. The issue is a strange brew, but love potions often are. To help make sense of it all, we interview poet and philosopher Troy Jollimore, author of the non-fiction book Love’s Vision.


Love Poems

Audio Available Heather Altfeld Letter to Dick from Time
Audio Available Mary Block Crown for a Young Marriage
Audio Available Ace Boggess Mango Smoothie
Audio Available Paula Bonnell My Ordinary Love
Byron Case Joy
Audio Available Michael Cavanagh Cavalier
Audio Available Elizabeth Chapman The Day Is the Island
Jim Daniels The Grand Design
Danielle DeTiberus In a Black Tank-Top
Jehanne Dubrow The Valhalla Machine
Conrad Geller And Have I Loved You?
Audio Available Benjamin S. Grossberg The Space Traveler’s Crush
Audio Available Mark D. Hart Ichabod
Jackleen Holton Hooters
Troy Jollimore Tamara
Jill Jupen The Space Between
Audio Available Susan Doble Kaluza Kissing as a Religion
Audio Available Courtney Kampa Nocturne in What Now Feels like …
Audio Available Nathan Landau Aftermath
Audio Available Timothy Liu The Lovers
Audio Available Love Poem
James Davis May Nostos
Emily Montgomery Something Beautiful
Audio Available Leonard Orr Optimist
George Ovitt Why I Like Marriage
John Poch The Difference at Café D’Arthe
Pamela Rasso Three Weeks with Etheridge Knight
Audio Available Christine Rhein Speaking in Code
Audio Available Timothy Schirmer Orange Marmalade
Lauren Schmidt My Father Asks Me to Kill Him
Mather Schneider Free-Form Bolero
Charlotte Seley Bright Red Bit
Audio Available Eric Paul Shaffer Valediction, on Arriving …
Audio Available Myra Shapiro The Alteration of Love
Audio Available Mark Smith-Soto Satori
Audio Available Joanna Solfrian Instead of a Victorian Novel …
Audio Available John L. Stanizzi Triolet for Carol
Audio Available Charles Harper Webb Burka
Holly Welker Dip
Audio Available Richard Widerkehr In the Presence of Absence
Audio Available Dominika Wrozynski Desert Love Poem


Troy Jollimore

Cover Art

Jacqui Larsen