“The Space Between” by Jill Jupen

Jill Jupen


This entire day
I have felt
just a few seconds
separated from myself.

Stepping outside
I close the door upon my foot.
The glass on the table
is moments away
from the water I pour.

I speak words
that sound foreign
even to me;
said too early,
or perhaps too late.

The tenderness
I thought I felt
is gone
before my hand
ever reaches your arm.

from Rattle #43, Spring 2014
Tribute to Love Poems


Jill Jupen: “I have been writing poems since I was five. I met the poet Hayden Carruth when I was eighteen and he said, ‘Write.’ He stuck with me until the day he died, reading everything I sent him. Sometimes he would send my work out and it would be published. I’ve decided he would want me to keep sending it out.”

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