#41 – Fall 2013




Single Parent Poets

Conversation with
Francesca Lia Block


Rattle #41

This fall Rattle presents an issue dedicated entirely to poets who are (or have been) single parents. These 37 writers have not only taken on the most important job in the world—alone—but have also found it fertile ground for poetry. Five personal essays guide our journey, each shedding light on their inspiring lives from different angles.  Whether parenting solo by choice or by tragedy, whether dealing with the stress of sole custody or the sadness of separation, these writers make room for their art, and share with us all stories worth reading.

In the conversations section, Alan Fox interviews single parent poet and novelist Francesca Lia Block.


Single Parent Poets

Audio Available Scott Beal Feats of Pain and Daring
Audio Available Russell Bittner Unbounded
Audio Available Francesca Lia Block Spring Lament
Audio Available Teresa Mei Chuc The Road
Audio Available Sage Cohen How to Pray
Audio Available Meg Day What I Will Tell His Daughter …
Carol Denson Transfertle the Plum (Essay)
Audio Available Alexis Rhone Fancher Over It
Patricia Fargnoli Parents Without Partners …
Penny Freeland Incidentals
Louis Gallo Custody
Janlori Goldman The Story, For Now
Audio Available Maryanne Hannan To My Husband, Who 33 Years Ago …
Elise Hempel The Transfer
Audio Available Ken Holland Emily on Tuesday
Anne Ward Jamieson Elephant Drops Dead in the Ring
Audio Available Edison Jennings What to Do with Leftovers
Audio Available Jenifer Browne Lawrence Door Gunner
Hilary Melton In a Quiet Moment
Audio Available Barbra Nightingale My Daughter Calls Me Hag
Audio Available Janet Nippell Sweatheart
January O’Neil Sunday
Gloria Parker Hello Wall
Khadijah Queen Mothering Solo (Essay)
Audio Available Josh Rathkamp In Response to Anyone Who Asks
Russell Rowland Single Dads of Daughters
April Salzano
Metaphorical Children (Essay)
Art Schwartz Skinny Old Man with Shopping Cart
Audio Available Diane Seuss Glosa
Audio Available Robin Silbergleid An Open Letter to Our Sperm Donor
Audio Available Donna Spector On the Way to the Airport
Marcela Sulak The God Box (Essay)
Audio Available Susan Terris Rough Ties: All Mothers Are Single
Audio Available Betsy Fogelman Tighe Girl’s Childhood
Julia Clare Tillinghast Bells
Audio Available Jeanie Tomasko After He Left
Audio Available Barbara Louise Ungar Dead Letters
Distracted Notes … (Essay)


Francesca Lia Block

Cover Art

David Navas