“Rambunctious” by Savannah Alvarez

Savannah Alvarez (age 10)


Rambunctious is with me
Like literally inside me
I am going crazy and spinning in a tornado
With happy and fun
I hit my head on a tuba
I fill my bathtub with soda
Me and Rambunctious jump in
I make a clay bunny
Write my name on the wall
I play hopscotch with hula‐hoops
My ears shrink and I hear a ringing
I jump into a mirror
And ride my bike into a trash can
All this time I have Rambunctious inside me
I erase the board and write everything again
We climb a tree to the top
Then we jump off with a plop
I hit my head on the tuba again
And put some earmuffs on a bear
Then I walk outside and see a cloud
A cloud that is shaped like a cloud
And I stop

from 2014 Rattle Young Poets Anthology


Why do you like writing poetry?

Savannah Alvarez: “Because it lets me get my feeling out.”

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