#69 – Fall 2020

Service Workers

Conversation with
Jan Beatty

Rattle #69 cover, photo of service worker at a restaurant with other workers moving blurred behind herThe Fall 2020 issue features a timely tribute to service workers—those working in the lodging, food service, tourism, customer service and other industries in direct service to customers. Though planned long before the pandemic, service workers have been hit particularly hard this year, and we’re happy to be honoring poets who work in those fields. The conversation features Jan Beatty, covering her decades of experience working as a waitress, as well as the topics of adoption and the writing process.

Another eclectic open section features 22 poems in a range of styles that are sure to make you laugh or cry.

The issue releases June 1st, and all subscribers will receive a copy of the A Juror Must Fold in on Herself by Kathleen McClung along with it. Visit our purchase page to subscribe for just $25/year.




Service Workers

Audio Available Jan Beatty On the 101
Sam Burt Hummingbird
Audio Available Lewis Crawford To the Man Who May or May Not Be My Father
Audio Available Granddaddy (for Nana)
Audio Available Marylisa DeDomenicis Excuse Me
Claire Donzelli Promotion
Audio Available Joshua Gottlieb-Miller Staring at the Lake with My Wife …
Audio Available Maria Guzman Riding the B-Line
Audio Available Atar J. Hadari Letter from Home about a Friend’s Business …
Audio Available Jackleen Holton The Hunter
Audio Available Craig Kenworthy I Am an Innocent Bellman
Audio Available Andrew Miller Let There Be Light a Little 
Audio Available T.R. Poulson I Want to Date a Man Who’s Like a Dog
Audio Available Grant Quackenbush American Dream
Audio Available Fred Shaw Worst. Shift. Ever.
Audio Available Laurie Uttich To My Student with the Dime-Sized Bruises …
Audio Available Andre Le Mont Wilson How Long Have You Been Doing This?

Open Poetry

Audio Available Mary Angelino Remodeling
Audio Available Belén Atienza Solitude Is a Life’s Work
Audio Available Erin Bealmear David Bowie Eyes
Audio Available Leela Chantrelle Pit
Grant Clauser Thoroughbred
Audio Available Richard Cole How Much Does Your House Weigh?
Audio Available Chard deNiord The Lack
Audio Available The Mantle
Audio Available Chad Frame Smoking Shelter
Valentina Gnup It’s a Sad Story
Audio Available Jessica Goodfellow Love in Terminal 3D
Audio Available Andrew Kane How to Be a Dog
Michelle Lesniak The Only Sign of Trauma
Amit Majmudar Naming the Child
Audio Available David Mason Long Haul
Audio Available Note to Self
Mi-Mi Monahan Holy Water
Audio Available Jeffrey Morgan My Love, Though the Smart Speaker …
Marc Pietrzykowski Pedagogy
Audio Available Michelle Roberti-West Acute Myelogenous Leukemia
Audio Available David Romtvedt Remembering the Wedding
Audio Available Vivian Shipley Poetry Workshop


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