#25 – Summer 2006




Tribute to the Best of Rattle

Conversations with
Hayden Carruth & Mark Jarman


Releasing June 2006, issue #25 celebrates the editors’ favorite poems published over the first 24 issues. If you don’t have any back-issues of Rattle, this is where to start. Stellasue Lee, Rattle‘s poetry editor for ten years, introduces the special section with an essay reflecting on her time with the magazine.

Also in the issue, Alan Fox interviews Hayden Carruth and Mark Jarman. In the essay section, William O’Daly of Poets Against War writes on the politics of torture in relation to poetry.


The Best of Rattle

Stellasue Lee Connecting The Dots
Ronald Alexander The Raid
Richard Beban My Grandmother Told Us Jokes
Erik Campbell Poet and Audience
Alan Fox Silk Woman
Cheryl Gatling Even The Nails In The Sheet Rock Missed Her
Lisa Glatt The Atheist’s Tunnel
Tony Gloeggler 1969
Julie Goldman End Of Season
Jack Grapes Sunday Morning
Salah al Hamdani Baghdad, Mon Amour
Sam Hamill Eyes Wide Open
Lola Haskins Halfway Down The Block, Your Father
John Herschel Waiting
Frank Hughes An Act of Procreation
Karla Huston Cheap Talk
Colette Inez Advice To A Writer Imagining Conception and Birth
David James How To Make Amends
C. Joseph Jordan To Women Named Emily
John Kennedy Christmas Trees
Yusef Komunyakaa —from Autobiography of My Alter Ego
Melody Lacina After I Die
Melissa Lamberton Broken Egg Sunset
Dorianne Laux Fast Gas
Li-Young Lee Seven Happy Endings
Philip Levine The Prisoners Have Gone Back To Their Cells
Naomi Ruth Lowinsky On the Anniversary of Her First Marriage
Janet McCann Life List
Jeff McRae Jeopardy
Ken Meisel Strip Clubs, Tampa
Micki Myers Sweet Nothings
Brett Garica Myhren Telemarketer
Alison Pelegrin Three Prayers From The Brokenhearted
Frank Mitrovitch Prosak To Small Acts Of Tenderness
Seido Ray Ronci Snow 
Alan Shapiro People Get Ready
Steven M. Smith Monopoly
Francine Marie Tolf Maybe She Dreams Of Rivers
Ryan G. Van Cleave Venom
Richard Vargas 6/02 – Job Interview
Dallas Wiebe Sunday, August 31, 2003
C.K. Williams Gravel
Robert Harlan Wintroub, M.D. Crayolas


Marvin Bell Deadline
Ash Bowen Sterile
Mary Buchinger See How Free We Are!
Cullen Bailey Burns We Just Want it to Be Healthy
Sarah Carey Nutritional Value
Pablo Garcia Casado Dinner
Paul F. Cummins Tossing Hair
Paul Dickey A Man and a Flag Are One
Steve Dimeo Gingerbread Couple
Pat Durmon Constellations
Cathryn Essinger To Levitate…
Alan Fox Intimacy
Harvey Goldner War and Peace 
Arthur Gottlieb Trip
Nathan Graziano On a Former Student’s Spread in Hustler Magazine
Steven Huff Inspired by Failures (My Failures, I Mean, in Business)
Bonnie Jacobson On the Same Page*
Mark Jarman The Northern Lights
Melissa Lamberton Iraqi Musician
Gary Lemons New Year’s Day 2005
Nina Lindsay Repair
Lorraine Merrin The Annual Officers’ Club Party …
Gabrielle Mittelbach Onions
Missy-Marie Montgomery Arrangement
Harry Newman Primitives
Pam O’Brien Counting coupons with the Italian Ladies
Kenneth O’Keefe The Dirigible
Matthew Olzmann Regret
Megan O’Reilly The People’s Pope
Ed Orr The Specificity of Generalities
Debora Palmer Note to the House Sitter 
Elisha Porat Sea Squill Bulbs 
Stacie Primeaux Relic 
Linda Leedy Schneider I Reclaim
Mather Schneider Gutter Punk
Sharron Singleton Ice Fishing 
Tim Skeen Fetish
J.R. Solonche A Dialogue with My Daughter …
Susan B.A. Somers-Willett Notes for Living in NOLA
Terry Ann Thaxton What Remains
Tony Tracy From Boston to Wrigley
Tony Trigilio Alan Greenspan
Elizabeth Volpe Rain
Laurie Zimmerman Purple Finches


Stephen A. Allen
Thomas Carren
Candice Daquin
Janet McCann
J.F. Quackenbush  
Lisa L. Siedlarz  
Elizabeth Weaver  


William O’Daly Speaking Freely: Poetry, Torture, and Truth 


Hayden Carruth
Mark Jarman