#42 – Winter 2013




Open Poetry

Conversation with
Ron Koertge


Rattle #42

Rattle #42 is another entirely open free-for-all, and we’ve stuffed it to the whim: from personal ads to angels, from plum blossoms to catfish tits (you read that right). Tim Laffey longs for Pindar’s couch, Taylor Mali misreads a magnifying glass, and Patricia Smith has a binder for Mitt. These poems are heavy and light, eye-opening and jaw-dropping, including powerful work by teenager Grace L. Park, and seven-year-old Ghanaian Kofi Edufo.

The winter issue also features the 2013 Rattle Poetry Prize winner, Roberto Acalon’s $5,000 poem “The Fire This Time,” along with the ten finalists. And as always, subscribers may vote for the runner up.

In the conversations section, Timothy Green discusses poetry and life with the irreverently funny Ron Koertge.


Open Poetry

Erik Campbell On War, Both Foreign and …
Wanda Morrow Clevenger Juice
Audio Available David Denny Apocalyptic Charlton Heston
Audio Available Aran Donovan My Two Left Feet
Audio Available Kofi Edufo Making Noise
Alan Fox Who Am I
Patrick Ryan Frank The Great American Screenplay
Audio Available Jill Klein How to Peel a Prawn
Audio Available Lynne Knight The Unintended Lecture on Desire
After Her Affair
While Plum Blossoms Sweep …
Ron Koertge Mark Trail
Audio Available Greg Kosmicki April 2, 2013
Karl Krolow Waiting
Tim Laffey Just So You Know
Audio Available Taylor Mali Magnifies an Object Ten Times
Audio Available Joan Murray The Witch’s Daughter
Grace L. Park Grey Faith
Audio Available Tina Parker My Four-Year-Old Asks What Happens …
Charlotte Pence Thinking Again of that Lone Boxer
Michael D. Riley Hepatitis C
Audio Available David Romtvedt Dilemmas of the Angels …
Dilemmas of the Angels: Intention
Liz Scheid Magic
Michael Schmeltzer Re: Re: Personal Ad #6
Jenneva Scholz The Famine of Love
Lindsay Tigue New Year
Monica Wendel Courthouse
Mike White Arms

Poetry Prize Winner

Roberto Ascalon The Fire This Time


Audio Available Chanel Brenner A Poem for Women Who Don’t …
Audio Available Rebecca Gayle Howell My Mother Told Us Not …
Audio Available Courtney Kampa Baby Love
Stephen Kampa What He Must Have Seen
Bea Opengart Man on Mad Anthony
Audio Available Michelle Ornat Laundry List
Audio Available Jack Powers Man on the Floor
Danez Smith Basic Standards Test
Patricia Smith Who Breathed in Binders
Wendy Videlock Of You


Ron Koertge

Cover Art

Stanley Horowitz