“Mark Trail” by Ron Koertge

Ron Koertge


whose thoughts are always outside
on the Lost Forest National Forest
or the Lost Meadow National Meadow
where his wife goes sometimes
when he is away, kidnapped as usual.
Cherry Trail. An evocative name
and source of much raw humor
at the Lost Tavern National Tavern.
Let’s focus on Cherry in the Meadow.
She’s taken off her flannel shirt
and rolled-up dungarees to swim
in the Lost Lake National Lake.
A bear appears, but she can’t be
almost mauled until Mark returns.
Mr. Nick of Time. She can’t forget  
the honeymoon after 47 years of courting.
She’d shaved some of her pubic hair
just in case. But—no. After hot dogs
and s’mores Mark slipped into his 
own sleeping bag. “Tomorrow,”
he said, “let’s hike into town and renew
my auto registration.”

from Rattle #42, Winter 2013


Ron Koertge was the featured interviewee in this issue. (website)

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