#53 – Fall 2016




Adjunct Poets

Conversation with
Jennifer Jean

Rattle #53Rattle #53 features a tribute to 22 adjunct instructors, and a spirited conversation with Jennifer Jean, covering the current plight of adjuncts in academia, her work with sex trafficking survivors, and time spent as a Tarot card reader. Over 65% of U.S. college faculty now work as adjuncts, facing low wages, limited hours, and high instability. We wanted to highlight their writing, while also showing support for recent efforts at gaining better treatment by the university system. As always, the goal was to show the wide range of creative work that the featured group is producing, so while many poems address their careers, others cover a variety of subjects. All of them share their thoughts on adjuncting in the contributor notes section.

The first half of the issue features an eclectic mix of work by seventeen poets from other fields.



 Audio Available Heather Altfeld  Pliny’s Traveling Apothecary …
 Audio Available Ned Balbo  Rare Book and Reader
John Bradley  What I Never Told My Draft Board
Aubrie Cox  Five Haiku
 Audio Available Anna M. Evans  The Adjunct’s Villanelle
 Audio Available R.G. Evans  Almost Holy
 Audio Available Howard Faerstein  Exercises for Freshman Composition
 Audio Available Gail Goepfert  Cold Calling
 Audio Available Steve Henn  Always Wanted a Career in Education? …
Brionne Janae  As You Recall the End of Their Marriage
 Audio Available Jennifer Jean  #CarryThatWeight
 Audio Available Clint Margrave  Recap of Yesterday’s Tenure-Track …
 Audio Available  Meursault Gets a Job as an Adjunct …
Jeff McRae  Performance Without Notes
 Audio Available Sharon Fish Mooney  Wheat Fields with Reaper
 Audio Available Peter Murphy  Mean Time
 Audio Available James B. Nicola  Curtailed Sonnet
 Audio Available Julie Price Pinkerton  After I Got the Email …
Elaine Sexton  Anthem
 Audio Available Rebecca Snow  Sestina for Adjuncts
 Audio Available Brent Terry  21st Century Autoimmune Blues
Meghan Tutolo  Allegheny Valley, Exit 48
Kathleen Winter  Job Security

Open Poetry

 Audio Available Steve Abbott  Ringtone Pantoum
Dennis Caswell  My Pet Alien
Peter Davis  The Future as We Planned It
 Audio Available John Guzlowski  Death and Poetry
 Audio Available Sarah Hart  Self-Portrait as a Highway
 Audio Available Lynne Knight  Water Child
 Audio Available Quincy R. Lehr  War Song
 Audio Available Michael Mark  The First Thanksgiving, Exactly
 Audio Available Darren Morris  A Handbook for the Blind
 Audio Available Jessica Plante  After Joining OkCupid …
 Audio Available Hayden Saunier  The Way It Is with My Father
  Mather Schneider  Our Morning Train
 Audio Available Hillery Stone  Lexicon for a Simpler Childhood
 Audio Available Charles Tisdale  Air Borne
 Audio Available Craig van Rooyen  Meeting the Buddha
Wendy Videlock  Redress
 Audio Available Carolyne Wright  Lady from Mountains


Jennifer Jean

Cover Art

Allison Merriweather