Five Haiku by Aubrie Cox

Aubrie Cox



DUI checkpoint
dashboard Mother Mary
bathed in light




chum sink caution tape washes in with the kelp




whittled down
to a toothpick
cheese block




spare change where the rainbow almost ends




day moon
drone hovers
over the observatory

from Rattle #53, Fall 2016
Tribute to Adjuncts


Aubrie Cox: “Creative writing is a luxury usually reserved for full-time faculty, so I spend a lot of time teaching composition and grading essays. There is no funding for adjuncts, so I have to pay my own way to readings and conferences. My mind is usually filled to the brim worrying about money and wondering if I’ll have a job the following semester. Since becoming an adjunct, I have longer rumination periods and write in spurts, whereas before I tended to write year-round. Usually in the spring I’ll suddenly have several really good poems, then it may not be until August when something else solidifies. That being said, when I don’t have the mindset to write, I find a way to champion someone else’s work. Just because I’m not in the act of writing doesn’t mean I stop being engaged.” (website)

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