2023 Rattle Poetry Prize Winners

We’re pleased to announce the following $15,000 Rattle Poetry Prize winner:

Time Travel for Beginners
Ardon Shorr

Ardon Shorr helps scientists talk about their work and why it matters. He teaches academic writing and science communication at Princeton. His workshops have appeared across the country at Harvard, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, and SXSWedu. He’s a fellow with the National Science Foundation and a contributing author to national recommendations for graduate education. He graduated from Oberlin College studying music theory, neuroscience, and chemistry. He holds a Ph.D. in biology from Carnegie Mellon where he studied why astronauts come back with so many health problems, and how living things sense mechanical forces like gravity. (web)


A Lesson in Metaphor
River Adams

Lisa Bass

Sonnet #1: My Way
Roberta Beary

No Evidence
Dusty Bryndal

Elegy for Tío Lazarito
Isabella DeSendi

Motel Surrender
Diana Goetsch

Use Your Words
Meredith Mason

Amy Miller

The Pool
Jacob Robinson

Tim Seibles


These eleven poems will published in issue #82 of Rattle. Each of the Finalists are also eligible for the $5,000 Readers’ Choice Award, selected by subscriber vote in February.

Eight additional poems, by M.P. Carver, Maia Elsner, Jen DeGregorio, Isabella DeSendi, Matt Dhillon, Danielle Jones, Anna Kirby, Lance Larsen, Danielle Lisa, Robert Lynn, Dick Westheimer were selected for standard publication were offered a space in the open section of a future issue.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the competition, which would not have been a success without your diverse and inspiring poems. We received 5,169 entries, and it was an honor to read every one of them.