#44 – Summer 2014




Open Poetry

Conversation with
Juan Felipe Herrera


Rattle #44

Releasing in June, Rattle #44 is another entirely open issue. We simply chose our favorite 37 poems from the tens of thousands that had been submitted to us over the past year. It’s summer, and poetry has turned up the heat, it seems, with visits to strip clubs and topless swimming pools, and Kenny Tanemura’s brilliant “Ode to Short Shorts.” But it’s not all love and lust: These poems run the gamut of contemporary human experience, from churches to trust falls, suicide to salvation. The issue also features several long poems, including Lucas Crawford’s unforgettable indictment, “Your Fat Daughter Remembers What You Said.”

In the conversations section, Timothy Green discusses poetry and life in a lively conversation with California Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera.

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Open Poetry

Audio Available Nic Alea River
Audio Available Jose Angel Araguz Abandoned Church
Andrew Bennett Spring, 1989
Audio Available Jacqueline Berger Ruin Porn
Daniel Bohnhorst The Butter Smells Funny
Kim Bridgford For the Female Suicides
T.L. Burns Fucking the Gap
Marty Cain Rat King
Audio Available David Cavanagh The Ice Man
J.P. Celia Before Riding West
Audio Available Teresa Mei Chuc I Took Nothing
Beth Copeland What I Remember as My Father …
Lucas Crawford Your Fat Daughter Remembers …
Audio Available J. Divina Erickson No Body
Alan Fox The River
Troy Jollimore The Cutting Room
Stephen Kampa Cardiac Concussion with Delay …
Audio Available Sharon Kessler Everything Is Broken
Marianne Kunkel I Guess
Britt Luttrell Topless Swimming Pool
Audio Available Michael Meyerhofer On My First Trip to a Strip Club
Audio Available Jeffrey Morgan Translation
Z. Mueller The Difference Between String and Spring
Audio Available Kathleen Diane Nolan Mars and Venus
JoLee G. Passerini Circumspect
Audio Available Robert Peake La Campagna, London, Friday Night
Charlotte Pence Among the Yellows, the Faces Slack
Audio Available Amy Plettner Church Bulletin
Doug Ramspeck Diaspora
Audio Available Sam Sax When Research Public Sex Theatres …
Rebecca Schumejda A Lobster’s Home
Janice D. Soderling The Diminishing Politics of Senator …
Taylor Supplee Clay
Kenny Tanemura Ode to Short Shorts
Audio Available Bruce Taylor Good News Bad News
William Trowbridge Battleground
Audio Available Paul Watsky Trust Fall


Juan Felipe Herrera


Sebastian Lauf