“I Took Nothing” by Teresa Mei Chuc

Teresa Mei Chuc


and broke it in half.
As if mocking me,
there was an
even greater
nothing and I
felt myself falling.

I took my falling
and broke it
in half. It did
not stop the falling.
I plunged deeper.

I took this depth
and gathered it,
the darkness
with all of its
stars, and
put it in the wings
of a bat.
I watched it
retreat into
the deepest
of caves
where it screams
and listens to
its voice
from stone walls.

from Rattle #44, Summer 2014


Teresa Mei Chuc: “When I hear my voice from the most profound depths within myself and I listen and embrace it compassionately no matter how beautiful or terrible or frightening the sound, it is a great and healing gift.” (web)

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