#19 – Summer 2003

Tribute to the 20-Minute Poem

Conversations with
Robert Creeley & Gerald Stern


Releasing June 2003, issue #19 features 12 poems written in under 20 minutes–we timed them. As Stellasue Lee explains in the introduction, it’s startling and liberating to see what can come in such a short period of time.

Also in the issue, Alan Fox interviews Robert Creeley and Gerald Stern. In the essay section, Glenn McKee writes about poetic closure at the end of his life, and Terry Stevenson profiles Dana Gioia and west coast poetry.

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Stellasue Lee • Mary Rose BettenLucy Liewellyn Byard
Anne-Marie CastlebergCarol B. DeCanioConstance Hanstedt
Regina KingPerie LongoLisa Meckel • Paul V. Murray
Tana Sommer • Stan Tysell • Keith Van Vliet


Eric AndersonHerman AsarnowMatthew James Babock
Barry BallardHadara Bar-NadavEileen Berry
Frederic Berthoff • Theresa Boyar • Russell Bradbury-Carlin
Paula C. Brancato • Wendy Breuer • Susan Chiavelli
Jeffrey Lamar Coleman • Val D. Conder • Geraldine Connolly
Anne Coray • Jack Coulehan • Annie Farnsworth • Alan Fox
Robert Funge • Oren Haker • Ray Hedgpeth • Erna Hennessy
Austin Hummell • Colette Inez • John Jenkinson
Joan Wiese Johannes • Bob Johnston • Kathryn Kirkpatrick
Carol Kivo • J. Patrick Lewis • Sandy Longhorn • Barb Lundy
Kathryn Manclark • S. Mardirosian • Lenore Mayhew
Glenn McKee • Ken Meisel • Margaret K. Menges
Seth Michelson • D.C. Miller • John Morgan • Robert H. Morris
Michael L. Newell • Kathy O’Fallon • Tony Oakson
William Page • Edward D. Paul • Princess Peter-Raboff
Marc Pietrzykowski • Rush Rankin • Alex Richardson
Edward J. Rielly • Margaret A. Robinson
Tania Rochelle • Kathy Rooney • Shelley Savren • Lacey Sawyer
Anthony Seidman • Eric Paul Shaffer • M.E. Shay • Nan Sherman
Frederic Sibley • Linda K. Sienkiewicz • Edgar Silex • Lianne Spidel
John Struloeff • Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz
Nancy Takacs • Richard Allen Taylor • Melinda Thomsen
Francine Marie Tolf • Richard Vargas • Charles Harper Webb
Florence Weinberger • Sarah Brown Weitzman • Kyle Grant Wilson
Ralph Tejeda Wilson • Michael T. Young


Nancy Cary • Geraldine Connolly
Marianne Poloskey • Bruce Spang


Glenn McKee • Terry Stevenson


Robert Creeley
Gerald Stern

20-Minute Poems