“A Stem Word or Sentence” by Regina King

Regina King


while offering freedom to continue,
is a flexibility taunt in that it can
suggest some kind of connection
as a high-flying kite released
or held back from the owner’s
spindle. Sometimes getting
caught on a branch of tree or
even worse a telephone wire.

My friend’s younger brother,
James, a heavy drug user,
cleaned up his act, and fell
in love with those airplanes,
the ones with remote control.
Sober and clean on a beautiful
Sunday, with his newfound sense
of love and prayer,

went to the park with
his like-minded friends.
Took his plane to the grassy knoll,
spun it out like a fisherman
into the power lines.

from Rattle #19, Summer 2003
Tribute to the Twenty-Minute Poem


Regina King: “What’s in my bag is discovery.”

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