“I Fell in Love with an Historian Once” by Charika Swanepoel

Charika Swanepoel


I fell in love with an historian once.
It made sense on paper.
But we all know what history does to paper.

High as a kite on all kinds of solitude,
I once fell in love with an historian.
I was looking for a way back.

He asked me once,
only half in love:
“A way back from?”

from Rattle #65, Fall 2019
Tribute to African Poets


Charika Swanepoel: “I am a South African poet and literary scholar currently finalizing my MA in English poetry at the North-West University. I write poetry because I strongly believe that anyone with the creative need cannot afford not to write. I believe the creative word is not only a way of expressing your own personhood, but that it also provides us with an organic means of communication. I sometimes write as a way of talking to myself, to my people, to the universe.” (web)

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