#55 – Spring 2017

Civil Servants

Conversation with
A.M. Juster

Rattle #55The latest in our always-popular career tributes, Rattle #55 features a collection of seventeen civil servants—poets who have worked for various government agencies, including the EPA, the FDA, the CIA, the Census Bureau, and many more. Apparently working for the public produces a dry sense of humor, because many of the poems lean sardonic. These poets are also smart and down-to-earth, and just may restore your faith in bureaucracy. In the conversation section, Alan Fox talks to formalist and translator A.M. Juster, also known as Michael Astrue, who served as Commissioner of the Social Security Administration.

The winter issue also includes 21 poets in an eclectic open section, highlighted by haiku poets Penny Harter and Michael Dylan Welch, and former U.S. Poet Laureate Ted Kooser.

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Civil Servants

 Tim Amsden  Even Rottweilers Sing
 Lisa Badner  I Had a Window
 Unemployment Judge
 Taxi Court
 David Blaine  The Box
 Dane Cervine  The Guru
 Maryann Corbett  Prayer Concerning the New …
 Rodney Gomez  Rally
 A.M. Juster  Triptych: Dream, Convenience Store, Bar
 David Kelly  Life in a Day
 Greg Kosmicki  The Lucky Ones
 Arthur McMaster  Lada’s Lessons
 Bruce Niedt  The Man Peeling Sweet Potatoes …
 Marti Noel  Why We Climb Mountains
 Bradley Thomas  The Codified Book
 Pepper Trail  At the Forestry Institute, Hanoi
 Cindy Watkins  Sobre Amor
 Jane Wheeler  Playing with Matches
 John Yohe  Mid-July Tripod Lookout


 Ace Boggess  Facebook Keeps Telling Me
 Steven Chung  Animal Densities
 Wendy Mitman Clarke  Still Life with Birds, Extinct
 Penny Harter  Night Howls
 Lola Haskins  Three Prominent People
 Tom C. Hunley  I Lie on a Hammock …
 Ted Kooser  Roadside
 The Sick Bat
 Shireen Madon  Dear Body
 Gwerful Mechain  To Her Husband for Beating Her
 David Miller  Hang Float Burn Bury
 Leah Nielsen  Elegy with an Elementary School …
 Jennifer Perrine  I Tell Death, Eventually
 Christine Potter  Receptionist (1972)
 Sarah Satterlee  Traveler
 Bob Sawyer  I Stole a Day
 Emily Sernaker  I Have Confidence
 Truth Thomas  Boardwalk Empire
 William Trowbridge  Whiteout
 Michael Dylan Welch  Separation
 Melanie Wright  Twelve Weeks
 Sandra M. Yee  Your Shipwreck or Mine?


A.M. Juster

Cover Art

Mark Hillringhouse