“I Stole a Day” by Bob Sawyer

Bob Sawyer


I stole a day today.
It was an outright theft.
I just took it and hid it away.
There was no planning,
There was no premeditation
or calculation,
just a simple burst of spontaneous larceny.
I wanted the day to myself, for myself,
and I was unwilling to share it,
so I grabbed it by surprise and ran with it.
I’ve never been a day-stealer before,
Never contemplated the idea,
I’m not sure I’d do it again,
but I did it today, and it was
profound and satisfying, like an artistic
triumph or a structure well-built.
But, alas, it’s now lost to history, and I cannot show it off
or give it back.
It must remain my private criminal act.

from Rattle #55, Spring 2017


Bob Sawyer: “I have always liked to write. As a kid, I used to bang out essays and short stories that no one read but me. In college, I joined the campus radio station and was trained in news and copy writing. While pursuing broadcasting as a career, I wrote a music review column for a regional newspaper. I dabbled in poetry, but never took it seriously until two years ago, when I joined a weekly poetry workshop. I discovered something inside of me that I didn’t know was there, a heart for poetic expression. Once I realized that certain emotions and observations were best served poetically, the poems started to flow. Now, I cannot imagine literary satisfaction without poetry in the mix. There is a joy in choosing the right word or phrase as a poetic idea takes hold.”

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