#54 – Winter 2016

Open Poetry

Conversation with
Meena Alexander


Rattle #54

Rattle #54 is another entirely open issue—an opportunity to cleanse our palates and empty our coffers in releasing a wide range of colorful poetry. Poets show off their best and dive into questions big and small, with poems on life and death, string theory and domesticity, laurels and plumes—hence the peacock cover.

The winter issue also features the 2016 Rattle Poetry Prize winner, Julie Price Pinkerton’s $10,000 poem “Veins,” along with the ten finalists. And as always, subscribers may vote for the runner up.

In the conversation section, Timothy Green discusses a wide range of topics, including the value of poetry and the state of poetry in India, with Meena Alexander.

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Open Poetry

Meena Alexander Delirium, Malibu 2016
A Notebook Is Not a Foreign Country
Mike Alexander The Spanish Inquisition
Susan Alkaitis I Have Just Kissed You
Cameron Barnett Theater of America
Leila Chatti My Mother Makes a Religion
George David Clark Trystesse
Jose Hernandez Diaz The Windmill Farm
Michael Estes Piano
Alan Fox Upward Spiral
Tracy May Fuad A Robot Calls Me on the Day We Take …
Chera Hammons Shriven
David James Like a Brick to the Head
Alan King How It Feels
Kien Lam Linsanity
Liv Lansdale On Domestic Ecosystems
Cory Massaro The Strings
Paula Mendoza Engineer
Arash Saedinia Plumes
Marjorie Saiser Final Shirt
Neil Shepard Lines Written at Tyrone Guthrie
Alison Carb Sussman Anhedonic Woman
Inez Tan Laurel
Chrys Tobey For the Archaeologist …
Wendy Videlock The Question Ever
I Have Been Counting My Regrets
Sung Yim Ode to Defeat

Poetry Prize Winner

Julie Price Pinkerton Veins


Noah Baldino The Nurse Lifts the Clipboard …
Ellen Bass Poem Written in the Sixth Month …
C. Wade Bentley Spin
Rhina P. Espaillat The Sharpened Shears He Plied
William Fargason Upon Receiving My Inheritance
Ingrid Jendrzejewski Superposition of States
David Kirby This Living Hand
Craig Santos Perez Thanksgiving in the Anthropocene, 2015
Emily Ransdell The Visit
Patrick Rosal A Memory on the Eve of the Return …


Meena Alexander

Cover Art

Ho Cheung LEE (Peter)