“Eight Haiku” by Zaid Gamieldien

Zaid Gamieldien




retirement home
in a vase





my conundrum
spider sitting
on the welcome mat





a ladybug
on her back
my shrunken grief





morning light
a boyband
of robins





little ant
on my pillow
the great explorer





power outage
we pretend
dad is Vader





morning downpour—
in my lidless cup





how quick the dragonfly
flutters through
the traffic jam



from Rattle #65, Fall 2019
Tribute to African Poets


Zaid Gamieldien: “Can an African poet write about napping with the TV on? Can I entertain the lull of the afternoon drive home, or must my words reach the ends of a sunlit plain, where wild beasts roar into a golden sky? The truth is, I am a poet and I am African, and so I write as I am. I see haiku as ‘photographs of the senses.’ As an African haiku poet, I look for fleeting moments of beauty in ordinary life and try to relate nature to human nature as best I can. It is my hope to show commonality through these human experiences, or to simply express ordinary moments in new and interesting ways.” (web)

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