“Ancient Rhinos Roamed the Yukon” by F.J. Bergmann

F.J. Bergmann


Ancient rhinos roamed the Yukon,
Narrow-eyed and heavy-footed,
Looking for a rock to puke on,
After eating leaves gone putrid.

They grazed near pike fish and turtle,
And some kind of ancient deer.
Long ago the herds did hurtle
O’er a land bridge: there to here.

Rhinos throve in stormy weather
Warmer, wetter than today.
Rhinos would need hairy sweaters
Once the Ice Age came to stay.

Rhinos then were small and hornless:
Fossil records thus bequeath.
Turned to stone, extinct and gormless,
They have left to us their teeth.

from Poets Respond
November 12, 2019


F.J. Bergmann: “I found the meter of the article‘s title irresistible. The next step, of course, was having a rhyme for ‘Yukon’ serendipitously manifest … and it was all downhill from there.” (web)

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