“Winter’s Blues” by Bro. Yao (Hoke S. Glover III)

Bro. Yao (Hoke S. Glover III)


Someone waits all day for a letter
And when the mail comes it doesn’t

Someone says I love you and the words
Fall like snow towards the warm windows
Of the rich man’s house. They melt when
They touch, but the touch makes them nothing

Someone loses their name and walks back
Through the woods to find it, but the weather
Has turned the ground white

from Rattle #60, Summer 2018


Bro. Yao (Hoke S. Glover III): “Last year on Chinese New Year, it snowed in the Western Mountains of Hubei. I left Wuhan and traveled there. This poem was written before then. It captures some part of my journey—we arrive when we arrive, but some of what we experience is already there within us.” (web)


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