“Wayfare” by John Arthur

John Arthur


I spent most of a day 
putting the crib that came 
in 48 parts together, tightening 
every screw just enough, 
but not too much, the memory 
of its assembly living somewhere 
in me while you dreamt inside it 
for one thousand nights,
it later taking only ten minutes
to disassemble and one minute
more to box it up, to put it out 
onto the curb where the city 
came to take it away. 

from Rattle #84, Summer 2024


John Arthur: “I’ve always been perplexed by poetry. I read and write it to make some sense of the confusion. My favorite poems surprise me and help me understand what I feel with more clarity. I don’t fully understand why I am drawn to poetry, but I am glad that I am, always have been, and likely always will be.”

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