“Sad Song” by Heather Bell

Heather Bell


After the eighth cup of cheap coffee,
you sit with me at the kitchen table and I
never know what to say. Because in daylight,
I am frightened, the way the
sun catches your face making your eyes
seem lighter

moon jellyfish
or Glaucus atlanticus
strange blue dragons

So here is what I should have said
yesterday: mayflies have the shortest lifespan
of any organism but still
they keep finding each other. The Tiger
Pistol Shrimp makes

a shrill sad song

in order to stun its prey.
These are facts

you mouthy sonofabitch
shut up and let me love you

from Rattle #61, Fall 2018


Heather Bell: “It’s a funny thing watching a decade long marriage fall apart. We all do what we can. We find comfort where we can. These poems are for Dan, thanks for holding your arms out when I was barreling toward the sun. Love poems were impossible until I met you.” (web)

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