“Rumsfeld” by Jay Brecker

Jay Brecker


No one seems to care what he knows now
that he has entered the great unknown,
he of the known knowns, the known

unknowns, the unknown knowns,
the unknown unknowns, and I’m alone,
afraid, unknowing if anyone else knows

or cares to know what I know or think
I know of what happens when you find
you know something you didn’t know

before, realize now that you know
you still have no idea what you don’t
know now that an unknown is known.

Did he know this, or was it foggy
in that moment on Tuesday when he woke
from an unremembered dream

with a hunch there was something
out there he should know about
the great unknown?

from Poets Respond
July 11, 2021


Jay Brecker: “I couldn’t help wondering about what Rumsfeld thought he knew about what happens next.”

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